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time for traffic and weather. let's start with brian. >> it's cold outside. frost advisory was posted earlier for the western suburbs, but that has been dropped. the far southwestern suburbs have a frost advisory in effect. it's 41 degrees downtown, 39 degrees in huntingtown. 42 at ashburn. southern fauquier, rappahannock and surrounding counties still with the frost advisory. the mid 60's this afternoon with sunshine. there's an accident, understand. >> at four corners. 29 north and south and universities and west is where the crash is. a vehicle rolled over. 29 north and southbound affected as well as westbound university
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blvd.. the headlights to this camera our south on 29. they are heading north on 29 try to get to a high-school there, the school bus. both directions of 29 and university blvd. west. a lot of flashing lights in the area as there taking care of this accident. now to latasha and doug -- natasha. >> this is the first day of classes at shaw middle school since principal brian betts was found shot to death at his silver spring home thursday. a makeshift memorial has been set up outside the school. a live report in just a few minutes. our top story this morning is a deadly shooting at a maryland college. both students were from the metro region. we are learning more about the crime and the victims. brianne carter is in the newsroom with details. good morning. >> the two students both played on the university basketball
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team. 21-year-old ellis hartridge of d.c. was wounded but expected to survive. however, 20-year-old brandon carroll of waldorf died. the university president's is brandon carroll's loss will be felt. friends and family say his life was cut too it. >> i never imagined this because we always told him to be very careful. >> according to police,he and his teammate were shot during an off-campus dispute at frostburg state. a fellow student, 21-year-old tyrone hall, two rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun, killing carroll. this man says he was a friend and it's out of character. but i'm very disappointed. >> he allegedly assaulted a woman at a party earlier in the
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evening and the group went to his house to consult him. those who knew carroll city was not the kind of got to look for trouble. >> had pinhe known, he probably would have let cooler heads prevailed. >> grief counselors will be available to anyone at the university. the student government association will hold a memorial service for brandon carroll tomorrow, ansari, tuesday, april 20, at 8:30 p.m. -- i am sorry, tuesday. >> the airline shutdowns are costing the aviation industry to $100 million a day. europe has not seen travel disruptions like this in decades. millions of passengers are stranded at airports across the world because of the ash cloud
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blanketing much of europe. in our area people are wondering how long they will have to wait before going home. >> we stayed at the airport and hotel two kilometers away, but it's expensive. >> the flights are booked. everybody wants to get calm. >> you cannot to get out. you cannot get to germany either. >> major airlines said as flights into european aerospace yesterday and found no damage. the urologists say the skies over europe remain unstable. meteorologists. >> toyota has agreed to pay a maximum fine rather than go to court. t.j. winnick has more. >> according to the federal parliament, toyota knew about the problems of sudden accelerations and the brake pedals by september, but waited
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until january to tell regulators. later today the automobile giant agreed to pay a $16.4 million fine, for the maximum civil penalty allowed. >> this is a black eye for toyota because it shows the company did not care about safety, that it covered up the issue in the united states. >> while the company is likely to admit no wrongdoing, by paying the full civil penalty, it is accepting responsibility for hiding the safety defect in violation of law. >> it was once considered invincible and has taken a fall. >> its chief executive testified before congress and insisted the company had not tried to hide anything. >> in the name of the company, it has a longstanding tradition of pride, we never run away from problems or pretend not to notice them. >> federal officials say they would have levied a fine of $14
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billion, had it been allowed. >> a criminal probe into countrywide financial is gathering momentum. that is what anonymous sources tell all street journal. it's one of several investigations of countrywide's in the meltdown of the housing and finance industries. a grand jury began hearing testimony last year. >> gun rights supporters will hold rallies in the dc area today. there will be a rally at the washington monument to call on the government to protect the second amendment right to bear arms. across the potomac in virginia several dozen people armed with weapons will hold a protest march at bradley point. if the group says it intends to be the first to hold a gun demonstration at a national park. americans are losing faith in the government. 80% of people say they don't trust washington to solve the nation's problems. 22% say they can trust the government. nearly half say the government
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has a negative effect on their daily lives. most participants say washington is too big and powerful and interferes excessively and state and local matters. >> 15 years ago today one of the deadliest terror attacks on u.s. soil took place. 168 people were killed when timothy mcveigh exploded truck bomb outside the federal building in oklahoma city. survivors, family members, and hundreds of others will commemorate the anniversary. the ceremony will begin shortly before the time the bomb went off on april 19, 1995. >> hard to believe its 15 years. coming up, some good news for frequent fliers. carry on charges will not be the new norm for most major carriers. >> also, cutting congestion on one of our area's busiest highways. local leaders want to hear from you about it. >> a car rolled over at colesville road at university
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blvd.. lisa baden will have the latest.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. brian vskies are clear. temperatures have dropped in roslyn. i have to tell you, we have a tool in the air. there's a trust advisory for the western suburbs that has been dropped. it's the far western and southern suburbs that have a
6:11 am
frost advisory until 8:00 this morning. it's 41 degrees in poolesville, 44 degrees in frederick. highs today in the mid 60's, light wind. it's going to rain by mid-week. now to lisa baden. >> in maryland they have been working a complicated crash on 29, university blvd.. however, things are starting to get by. there's a slight delay easing now. you can safely travel out of silver spring to get up to 29 at university blvd.. the headlights are southbound out of columbia. we will give you the green flag. there's just a little cleanup left. we are going to go to virginia.
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nothing complicated on 66, 95, 395. leaving the belt way towards the pentagon is good. back to you. officials are asking for your help on how to ease congestion on 66. a town hall meeting tonight will be at a fairfax county government center. it will focus on proposals that tweaks the existing infrastructure. one is to have been as rapid transit lines along 66. officials will give a presentation tonight on how the buses would work. if we need that. >> it is always backed up. >> we are too big for our bridges. >> it is 6:12. 44 degrees. >> still ahead, another day in space for the space shuttle discovery. we will tell you why.
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>> you are watching good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington on your side. >> and two college students from our area where the victims of a disputididdley shooting. 21-year-old tyrone hall shot 20- year-old brandon carroll of waldorf and 21-year-old ellis hartridge of d.c.. carrol died. in europe there is good news for hundreds of thousands of
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people stranded at airports around the world, the volcanic ash has decreased greatly. stranded britons may be rescued with a warship. the space shuttle is scheduled to land at 9:00 this morning at the kennedy space center, but the rain may keep them in space a little longer. they have two opportunities to land today. they spent two weeks at the international space station. >> students and teachers from shaw middle school go back to class today with heavy hearts. if the community still more in loss of popular principle brian betts. he was found dead at his home on thursday. now we have more on what administrators are hdoing to help them cope with loss. but classes resume, but some scheduled assessment tests have been postponed by two weeks to allow the students and staff to
6:16 am
focus on grief counseling. meanwhile, police continue to investigate the murder case. the murder of brian betts, found shot to death last week. >> i think we go through moments of shock and disbelief. >> jennifer l. damour drove to shaw middle school sunday to meet students and co-workers of her slain brother. >> this was his dream and is calling, was to help kids and be in their lives and work with them. >> the staff says he was the model principle. >> one-of-a-kind. never met anybody like him. very knowledgeable, very honest, lee honest. very funny. >> absence from school thursday, police found him thursday shot dead in the bedroom of his maryland home. there have been tearful vigils and gatherings. but this man truly enjoyed his
6:17 am
job. you could tell he was so pleased to be there for the students. >> his car was found saturday in southeast. he might of known his killer because there was no forced entry at his house. this is a devastating loss of a beloved educator. >> he never let us go down on our tests. he would do nice things for shaw. >> at shaul middle school a lot of flowers and signs have been posted in memory of brian betts. a memorial service is being planned by family members in d.c. and they're setting up a scholarship fund in his honor. live in northwest. thank you. 6:17 on this monday. >> what's going on out there? >> 95 in maryland, 95 out of fredericksburg, heating up. 29 at university blvd., a
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vehicle rolled over, but they're making progress. traffic is getting by slowly on 29 at university. as far as the weather, is it going to eat up? -- heat up? >> we will. it's gorgeous across the city. clear skies. clear skies at night mean a cold start. we will warm up nicely. mid 60's. it will feel a lot better than yesterday with a light wind. 36 in fort meade. 44 degrees at seats and elementary. 44 degrees in newington. --44 at seton elementary. southern fauquier has different
6:19 am
weather from northern fauquier. the big picture shows a high pressure. sunshine with an ice conditions. it's in texas. mid-60's's for us today. upper 60's tomorrow. by wednesday there will be showers. thursday and friday will dry off. there's another round of rain headed for the weekend. 62 degrees at lunchtime, 60's this afternoon. 40's tonight. wednesday a little rain. 60's or 70's into the weekend. we need some rain. thank you. five major airlines will not start charging carry on fees. airlines are bracing for the summer travel outlook. vinita nair has those stories and more from abc. >> toyota is said to pay a
6:20 am
record fine. the japanese auto maker has reportedly agreed to pay $16.4 million for concealing information about a problem with brake pedals on some of its vehicles. toyota will accept responsibility but will admit no wrongdoing. the u.s. transportation department says toyota knew about the brake pedal problems until september -- in september but waited until january to issue a recall. goldman sachs is facing fraud charges if it united states and there is mounting pressure from overseas as well. officials in england and germany want to know more about the charges and they may investigate. both countries bail out banks that lost hundreds of millions of dollars investing with goldman sachs. earnings reports for five major airlines are due this week. most are expecting to show another quarter of red ink. flights grounded by the volcano will not help the bottom line either. travelers can look forward to more add-on fees, slightly higher fares, and cuts to unprofitable routes, especially
6:21 am
as some airlines merge. but there's good news. five major airlines have promised not to charge fees for carry-on bags. american, delta, united, jetblue, and u.s. airways. spirit airways is planning to charge $45 to put a bag over hidden. if another rare finished, the dragon of the pretty much tied the new super hero, a. "date night" came in third place. what are the chances congress can keep a financial meltdown from happening again? that is your "money scope report." i'm vinita nair. >> 6:20. >> some revealing art installations, getting up close and personal. >> later today on oprah, the
6:22 am
brother of mo'nique comes forward after molesting his brother years ago.
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>> day care workers have a tendency to send kids home who are not that sick. in wisconsin they looked at how they respond to mild symptoms. those with the most experience were less likely to overreact. researchers recommend educating
6:25 am
child care workers about the guidelines that indicate when symptoms are mild enough to ignore. >> i guess they have to balance that against the risk of spreading viruses. >> a lot of stuff to worry about. the human body is art, but that's nothing new. >> but it's unusual to walk into a museum and encounter naked people. if at the museum of modern art in new york you have to walk through a modern doorway, flanked by two naked people. a man and woman. they stand there all day long facing each other. some incidents of inappropriate touching by museum patrons has been reported. most people go out of their way not to touch the performers. >> it was low awkward because you did not want to touch them. they were standing so close together, that you thought you would press against them. >> if they're just naked bodies.
6:26 am
>> the artist tried to prepare the performers by putting them through boot camp and a strengthening the body and mind for the rigors of standing naked for hours at a time. you are not supposed to of artwork. you would not touch the model lisa. >> of course not. >> 6:26. we have another half-hour ahead. >> coming up, european airports want to get back to business. but the travel nightmares may not be over for days. >> a local community is in mourning after shooting at a maryland university. if details straight ahead. >> outside this morning there's a chill in the air, but warm-up is in store. a chill in the air, but warm-up is in store. we will give
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>> live, and in hd, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> still ahead, a deadly
6:30 am
shooting on maryland's college campus strikes close to home. >> good morning, washington. i am natasha barrett in for alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. it's time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's find out what's in store. >> is a trust advisory -- sauced advisory -- frost advisory. from jessup piech this is a beautiful shot. 44 degrees with the sun rising. the forecast for the afternoon will take us to the mid 60's with less wind than yesterday. that made it chile yesterday. upper 60's tomorrow. a little rain mid-week. now to lisa baden. >> on 236, the lil river turnpike at 495. texting from the beltway on to
6:31 am
236, there's no area to merge. the beltway's ok between braddock road and to 36. heading up to a 66, there's growing volume out of springfield into tyson. there is normal volume on the beltway in virginia. in frederick, md., 15 south north of wfrederik, at willow, as a vehicle on fire. in silver spring, the crash is gone. now back to the news desk. thank you. at a north was d.c. middle school when students return to class this morning there will be grief counselors. this is the first day of classes at shaw middle school since principal brian betts was found shot to death at his home in silver spring. a makeshift memorial has been set up outside the school. our top story is the deadly shooting of frostburg state university. the crime its close to home because of students are from
6:32 am
the metro area. the violence stems from a fight at an off-campus party. brianne carter has more. >> the two students that were shot both played on the university basketball team. 20-year-old brandon carroll of waldorf and 21-year-old ellis hartridge of d.c. were shot during an off-campus dispute at frostburg state. a fellow student, 21-year-old tyrone hall, two rounds from a shotgun, wanting -- wounding ellis hartridge and killing brandon carroll. teachers and other disabled young men were respectful, kind, and hard working. neighbors were surprised. i'm very surprised. >> i don't think the guy that i would do something like that. >-- guy i knew.
6:33 am
>> the entire university community is behind brandon carroll's family during this tragic time. if the student government association will hold a candlelight vigil on tuesday, april 20 at 8:30 p.m. >> thank you. a prince george's county police detective charged with drunk driving goes on trial today. in january officer darren rush 's crews oroville it sent him to the hospital and caused major damage to the cruiser. he was suspended with pay. -- cruiser rolled over. >> several countries have reopened air space this morning. airline officials hope the scheduled flights will be able to take off today. half of those flights, that is. now the latest from london. >> if the largest air traffic
6:34 am
shutdown in britain since world war ii. >> no airplanes. >> the emergency committee met early this morning and pronounced the british royal navy would be used to rescue stranded passengers. ferry services across europe are completely overwhelmed. they will remain so unless there is a change. 70% of european aerospace continues to remain closed. the wind direction is unlikely to change over the next few days. european airlines companies are calling for restrictions to be reassessed. test flights carry out on a weekend were conducted by air france and two others. they reported no problems during those flights. but there are still warnings of dangerous levels of volcanic ash. some airports could reopen today. resuming 60% of european air traffic, if more test flights are able to be carried out, which would be a big relief to those desperately trying to get
6:35 am
back all.-- back home. >> tens of thousands of people filled the streets of krakow, poland to say a final farewell to president leclech kaczynski and his wife. the-claude -- the ash cloud from iceland kept many world leaders from attending. there was a memo from robert gates that sent the obama administration scrambling. gates said it identified steps that the administration should take regarding the iranian nuclear program. >> we have news about toyota. the auto maker is expected to pay a record fine over its handling of defective gas
6:36 am
pedals. officials tell the associated press toyota will not confess a $16.4 million fine -- contest. the government fined the company because it knew about gas pedals in september but did not issue a recall until january. the question of how to prevent another financial meltdown is sparking a battle right here in washington. if the obama administration says it is confident financial reform will pass soon, even with some republican support. >> i believe that we are very close on this, that we agree on the vast bulk of the things necessary to protect taxpayers in the future. that is one reason i'm so confident. >> the democratic plan includes a $15 million failure fund to be paid for by banks in case one of them need a bailout. if a consumer protection office would look out for investors. if the plan calls for regulation of derivatives. those complex securities offer insurance against risk and helped lead to the collapse. >> still ahead, the two sides to
6:37 am
the tea party. we have the results of an exclusive new poll. >> carrie underwood make country music history. we will tell you how. >> first another check on the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. as the sun begins to rise
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>> on from the nationals zoo. good morning, washington. >> 6:40 on this monday morning, 4 look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> hello, brian. >> the sun has risen. you're happy for that because that will warm us up. we have a chilly start to the day if with numbers in the low 30's and a couple of upper 30's. i will show you some of the numbers. 34 degreesin southern fauquier,, you have a frost advisory. it should be much more
6:41 am
comfortable by this afternoon. >> we're going to go to newschopper 7. they're flying near the landover metro station with a crash. this is on 200 to right in front of the landover metro. police are directing folks. metrorail is on time, on normal service. this is just to get to the station that is affected with this crash. let's go to virginia. 66, 95, 95, status quo. that's the northbound traffic, the headlights. on westbound freeway, out of southeast d.c. going south on 395, for the main avenue exit, there is a man with a flat tire blocking one lane. plans an extra time out of southeast into southwest. back to you. thank you. it was a big night for carrie underwood. >> the entertainer of the year is carrie underwood.
6:42 am
>> she made history last night by becoming the first woman to win the academy of country music awards for entertainer of the year twice. she also won last year. lady antebellum with a big winner, grabbing five trophies. i stayed up late watching that. >> you did? >> just a little. >> i did not notice. maybe it inspired you. >> i will crash later. if it's 6:42, you need a light jacket outside. >> students are getting back to normal at a d.c. high school after the loss of their principal by murder. >> a tale of two t parties -- principal by murder. >> a tale of two t parties --
6:43 am
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>> you are watching good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington on your side. >> 6:45, to check the top stories. two college students from our area where the victims of a shooting near frostburg state in western maryland. 21-year-old tyrone hall shot 20- year-old brandon carroll of waldorf and 21-year-old ellis hartridge of d.c.. brandon carroll was killed. hall faces several charges. forecasters in iceland say there's less of a threat to aircraft. that's good news for hundreds of
6:46 am
thousands of people stranded at airports around a world. some countries are reopening their airspace. the british navy is sending warships across the english channel to rescue stranded people. >> toyota is expected to pay a record fine over its handling of defective gas pedals. officials tell the associated press that toyota go not contest the $16.4 million fine. the government find toyota because it said toyota knew about sticky gas pedals in december but did not issue a recall until january. gun rights supporters will show their support for the second amendment in two ballots today. there will be a demonstration of the washington monument. however, dozens of people will be armed with weapons when they gather at bradley point park in northern virginia today, the closest site where guns are allowed. >> the tea party is made of two very different factions with a
6:47 am
similar goal. >> now some results of a new poll by "politico." good morning, jim. >> good morning. >> there's a diversity of opinion among the group, but that might lead to a rift. >> there's the sarah palin camp, which identifies itself with some cultural issues we have been familiar with for several years now. then there's the ron paul camp which is against big government. people who came for the rally on a weekend, over 400 people, there was a direct split between the two camps. sarah palin, of 52% said under no circumstance would they vote for sarah palin for president. if it chose not everybody is a sarah palin republican as part of the tea party movement. we are trying to figure out how
6:48 am
big the group is and who they are. they have a profound effect in kentucky where the tea party- backed candidate is beating the establishment candidate in the senate race. then we see in texas last month it did not have the impact in some of the local races a lot of people thought they would. >> who speaks for them and who do they feel their leader is? >> 15% would like to see sarah palin as the next candidate for the republican party. 15% said the same thing for ron paul. there's not a leader. a lot of folks in the media want to say it's the conservative base of the american party, but the truth is a big segment of the department does not like the republican party at all. they are just as frustrated with the bush years as they are with the obama years. they want a libertarian approach to things in washington. let the states do what they want
6:49 am
to do and let individuals do with their aunt. if they don't want to hear from washington. >> thanks for taking the time this morning. >> my pleasure. >> 6:49. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it is chilly outside. the sun has risen. look at this live shot from our studio in roslyn. its gorgeous with the sun on the horizon. clear skies. as far as the eye can see. 39 in winchester. 39 in walkersville, 42 downtown. lexington park, 39. frost advisory contained to south and west of town. southern fauquier, culpeper, rappahannock, page county, orange, shenandoah faugh, and wrapping to our south and west. dry weather today.
6:50 am
less intense wind today with plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the mid 60's. milder than yesterday, more tolerable to the outside. sunshine will prevail today and tomorrow. a storm system to our south and west approaches. yesterday it looked like it was going to stay to our south. now it may bring us a little rain wednesday. until then, sunshine, mid 60's today. 40's tonight. upper 60's tomorrow. >> what's going on as far as virginia travel, plenty of traffic. out of manassas on 66 in centreville, a crash at 123 on the shoulder. delays out of dale city. 270 still has the trouble getting into hyattstown. on the lighter side is this, the traffic near fedex field. on the beltway near 202. we will come back with
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6:54 am
important warnings on the new 3 d television sets. you're going behind-the-scenes of dancing with the stars to check out the rumors of chemistry of the ballroom floor. could it be? if we will find out next. we will look for you on tmj. -- gma. >> the first day back to class at shaw middle school after the murder of their beloved principle. >> its going to be a tough day for students and staff. on the front door if there are heartfelt messages about their principal, shot last week and killed at his home in silver spring. messages, pictures, and flowers. classes resume today. officials from are going to try to have a sense of normalcy. assessment tests have been postponed two weeks. guidance counselors will be available to talk with students and staff as bickel with the
6:55 am
loss. if police continue to investigate the murder. brian betts was found shot to death in his silver spring home. he went missing on thursday, did not support for school. a staff member went to his home, then called 911. police have been investigating ever since. on saturday they found his car in southeast washington. they believe he may have known this killer because it appears there was no forced entry at his palm. police remained tight-lipped about the status of their investigation. they have not released any details on who they may be looking at. sunday they spent several hours at the house. family members are planning a memorial service and are planning to set up a scholarship fund in his name. live in northwest, abc 7 news. >> thank you, my. -- mike. let's have a last look at traffic and weather.
6:56 am
>> let's begin with lisa baden. >> traffic is heating up on 66, 95, 395. north of the beltway, there is a normal slow down on the left side of the screen, that's going up to the pentagon. in montgomery county on the beltway, the right side of the screen. we are following the traffic leaving the ikea towards 270 in montgomery county. let's go to the weather center with bryon. >> temperatures in the mid 60's this afternoon with a light wind. it will feel a lot better. near 70 tomorrow. we end the week on a positive notes near 70. there will be some rain mid- week. possibly again on the weekend. >> that's it for good morning washinton. more news at 7:22. fiore >> "good morning america"
6:57 am
is next. we will see you at noon
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